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Bratz Theme

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❤How to use this theme:


You must have the option to allow installations of apps from unknown sources checked in your Android's security settings. After clicking the "Download" link located here for the theme the app will download. After the download is complete click the "open" option and from there you should be given the option to install the app.

1. To use this theme, you will need to download the latest version of the GO SMS PRO app. DO NOT install this theme before installing the GO SMS PRO app.


❤How to apply this theme:

2. Once your theme is installed, go into the GO SMS Pro app >> slide your finger from right to left until you've reached the last screen inside of the app.

Note: you can also simply choose the icon on the top right. >> click "My Theme" >> select your newly installed theme >> click "Apply"


I cannot guarantee that this theme will function on every Android device nor all Android versions.

None of my themes have customized fonts. For a better appearance with a customized font, you may want to use a font installed on your device.


It is crucially important that you are aware that it is possible that this theme may not be compatible with some devices.

❤ KeiGirl

Bratz images are copyright to MGA Entertainment

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