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Free Firefox Browser Theme

This theme is an elegant theme called “Fancy Royalty” and it is available for free on Mozilla’s websiteclick here.

Included, is a helpful instructions YouTube video for those that might be interested in having an elegant browser background to match the browser’s theme. Theme available for personal use only. One love!




F.Y.I. I wanted to add extra customization to the theme to get a more favorable appearance because I was not satisfied with the transparency on the Firefox tabs that shows, perhaps, to help one view the menu and/or bookmark toolbar links/words without difficulty. To add the extra customization I wanted, I installed a Firefox add-on called “Classic Theme Restorer”. It is a free add-on if you are interested in testing it out. I am new to using the “Classic Theme Restorer” add-on. Therefore, I cannot assist you with any questions you may have in regards to making changes to Firefox’s default color settings.

After installing the “Classic Theme Restorer” add-on, click on “Add-Ons” in your Firefox settings drop-down button. You should see the “Classic Theme Restorer” add-on with featured “options”, “disable”, and “remove” to the right of it. Click on “options”, and there, you will find features that will help you add more customization to Firefox browser tabs, background colors, removal of transparency, text color, and more. For me, this Restorer add-on was very necessary.

To get the “Classic Theme Restorer” Firefox add-on:
To get the “Fancy Royalty” theme:

The background wallpaper I designed that I am using as the background on my Firefox browser opening page was added using a Firefox add-on called “Browser Backgrounds”. I am not well familiar with this add-on and I’m newly testing it out. I do, however, have a video created with instructions. The YouTube link is:
If you are interested in using a background on your browser as well, you can do so with the “Browser Backgrounds” add-on. It does require you to register at their website to be able to use the background feature. Here is the link to the add-on:

The “Browser Backgrounds” add-on has a feature that randomly displays a different background image each time you open up a new tab. This feature can be disabled if you want to keep a specific background to match your Firefox theme. The Youtube video I created will show instructions on how to stop the random wallpapers from displaying on your browser every time you open up a new tab.

Also, by default, there are already wallpapers saved for display with the “Browser Backgrounds” add-on that can be deleted. If you right-click on the wallpaper you should see the option to delete it.

If my video instructions weren’t much helpful and/or you have any questions on how to install the backgrounds with the “Browser Backgrounds” add-on, there is a contact form on their website –

Unfortunately, the Mozilla Theme Add-ons feature is not an available feature for IOS, but it is available for PC and Android. The theme is best when used on your pc.


♥ One love

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